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Eagles Cove Rules

2017 Rules


  1. Quiet time is from 11 pm to 8 am. Children 17 and under are to be at their own trailer by 10 pm unless with their parent or another parent who is responsible for them.
  2. Speed limit on the grounds is 5 mph, one vehicle per site. No bike riding on hill to lake, or thru sites.
  3. 2 dogs per site. We need a current rabies vaccination and a picture. If your dog will not stop barking take action to stop it. When walking dogs 6 foot leash, please clean up after them.
  4. Tenants are responsible to weed whip their site. $20 charge if an Eagles Cove staff member does it.
  5. No 4 wheelers, golf carts, fireworks, or guns on grounds.
  6. No food (except potlucks) or beverages we sell are to be brought into the clubhouse.
  7. Boat slip is for one boat or pontoon owned by tenant. Provide your own posts to secure boat or pontoon, do not tie to our docks. Use only your boat slip.
  8. Each tenant must maintain their own property, casualty, liability, collision and comprehensive insurance coverage's, also provide proof to Eagles Cove Resort,llc. Eagles Cove Resort,llc is not responsible for any loss, property damage or injury sustained by tenant, guests or anyone while on, or in your trailer, deck, site,or while using your property.
  9. Campfires are not to be left unattended. No outside firewood of any kind to be brought onto the grounds.
  10. Mulch only, no rocks on your site. Once you plant things in the ground it becomes Eagles Cove property (flowers, plants, no vegs.). Brick fire rings become Eagles Cove property. No clothslines on sites. Site must be cleaned when you permanently leave.
  11. Decks and sheds are permitted. See management before you start.  You are required to notify managment of any changes you would like to make to your site for approval.   
  12. Entry codes are for your use only. Do not give your code out to anyone.
  13. Be respectful use pathways and roads.
  14. Washing trailers, decks, awnings permitted from 5 pm Sunday to 5 pm Friday. No washing on holidays.
  15. Yard games are to be played at the recreational area only. No metal tip games, or baseballs.
  16. Guests are to check in at the office even if you bring them. They will be given a parking pass and be shown where to park, guests do not drive on grounds without permission (vehicles without a permit or parking pass will be towed at owners expense). See rates for guest fees. Let us know if someone is going to use your trailer, minor children may not use trailer alone.
  17. If you want your trailer to stay in the park when you sell, see management before you put it for sale. Management must approve all new owners. When you sell it will be the park owners discretion if your trailer can stay. Trailers coming in must be less then 10 years old or at park owners discretion.
  18. You are responsible for your guests actions, if the are disrespectful, or toublesome to Eagles Cove staff or other tenants they will be asked to leave.
  19. Defacing any property in the park, vandalism, stealing, decrying, belittling, defamatory conduct or ongoing rule infractions will result in immediate eviction without a refund.